DevOps Trans. Accelerator: 3 wk Proof of Concept


Discover Microsoft’s Azure commitment and support of Open Source solutions.

Learn how to leverage Azure to support your current Open Source workloads in the cloud. Insight and Microsoft will guide you through a short-term, structured engagement that will educate you on Azure’s Open Source support and capabilities, help determine suitable use cases based on your current workloads, and deploy a working proof of concept.

Test drive the following: • Azure Storage • Azure Networking • Azure Container Service • Azure Virtual Machines


  • Setup and configuration of Azure environment
  • Provisioning of required Azure resources, including storage, networking, and VPN connectivity
  • Deployment of Linux VMs to customer’s Azure subscription
  • Test drive containers utilizing Azure Container service and either DC/OS or Docker Swarm


  • Fully functioning prototypes of various agreed upon open source workloads
  • Business value assessment including cloud consumption costs