.NET App Best Practices: 2-Week Assessment


In this 2-week assessment, Insight technical experts will work with the client to evaluate .NET solutions to determine how well they adhere to best practices while identifying areas for improvement.

Make developer efforts within Microsoft Azure more productive with this assessment designed to help organizations optimize .NET solutions for enterprise software development within the Azure environment. This assessment identifies areas in which your .NET solution can be realigned to best practices, providing guidance and/or validation of your priorities for strengthening your .NET solution implementation.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Our team’s close relationship with Microsoft and in-depth knowledge of both Azure and .NET will help you extend the value you your developers can achieve from your Azure environment by optimizing your .NET approach to align with Microsoft Azure consumption and capabilities. This assessment provides recommendations that will be prioritized in alignment with the organization’s goals and architectural guidance related to the solution’s inputs and outputs.

CLIENT PREP (before assessment begins)

  • Identify SMEs with detailed knowledge of application architectures, hardware/software dependencies, system dependencies, security, etc.
  • Collect available architecture diagrams and documentation
  • Prepare access to development environments, source code, & CI/CD pipelines, if available


  • Introductions & process overview
  • Initiation call with project sponsor and participants
  • Distribute application architecture questionnaire


  • Evaluation of short-term and long-term goals
  • Analyze .NET code base and compare with best practices
  • Review business strategy & application questionnaires
  • Review architecture strategy related to .NET solutions


  • Review recommendations and present next steps

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