Enterprise Integration Accelerator w/ Insight Path™: 7wk Imp


Insight Path™ accelerator extends your enterprise-scale landing zone to bring your Azure integration from zero to one in as little as two weeks.

Business challenge

A fully integrated technology infrastructure is critical to success in leveraging organizational agility and flexibility to meet the increasingly rapid demands of an organization to innovate and stay competitive. However, as businesses evolve, processes and technology often become siloed across multiple platforms and environments, leading to inconsistent data and the inability to provide a fully integrated business view.

Traditional integration solutions focus on governance and have a limited ability to serve agile business requirements that need accelerated time to market. Running an Integration Assessment sets a pathway for organizations to champion business agility through an integrated infrastructure and single source of business truth.

How we help

This seven-week accelerator will address key security, governance, cost control and operational requirements through a series of collaborative workshops, knowledge transfer, infrastructure as code and a DevOps-ready implementation framework. We will leverage our Insight Path™ accelerator, an Insight-built platform that extends your enterprise-scale Landing Zone, to bring your Azure® Integration Landing Zone from zero to one in as little as two weeks.

This offering will provide you with the following deliverables:

• Assessment of current integration ecosystem and selection of up to two service integrations to be modernized • Enablement workshops with your integration development and infrastructure team • Configuration of Azure DevOps build-and-deploy pipelines and prerequisites • Configuration and deployment of Azure Integration Services resources based on Azure Blueprints to nonproduction and production environments • Selected legacy integration service code remediated as Azure Integration Services • Azure Integration Services deployed and validated in nonproduction and production environments

Accelerator approach and activities

Insight’s team of integration experts will deliver the foundational framework for repeatable best practice Azure Integration Services.

Analysis & design

• Project kick-off • Assess and migrate report evaluating the application integration ecosystem to validate cloud migration feasibility • Workshop sessions to discuss current client environment and requirements and preferred target state related to: • Solution deep dive to gather architectural requirements • Deliver best practices • Operations: monitoring, logging and telemetry • Solution security • Creation of solution architecture document based on workshop outcomes


•Configuration of Azure DevOps build and deployment pipelines and prerequisites • Template-driven configuration and deployment of cloud integration platform resources • Establish end-to-end integration and connectivity between services • Validate permissions and access controls • Demonstration of end-to-end integration within a production-ready environment

Insight Path: Our differentiated accelerator

Insight Path accelerates time to value for your integration initiative:

• Provides a scaled-out and mature environment • Automates best practices for environment design • Includes a strong foundation for management, governance and security processes • Implements an integration platform for complex cloud 3.0 scenarios • Builds toward the target end state for most organizations

Price is estimated and will be finalized during scoping.