Connected Platform: 12 wk Implementation


Insight Connected Platform leverages Microsoft Azure to provide a scalable foundation for any smart space. As a secure, centralized hub, it ingests and triggers events from any data source.

Leverage Insight’s unique system integrator capacity to accelerate your IoT journey with Connected Platform, a scalable platform to ingest, visualize and trigger events from IoT data sources within the Azure environment, empowering real time, persona-based, operational control through a single pane of glass and utilizing cloud AI models deployed to the edge for true business insight.

IoT data sources may include: temperature & humidity sensors, door sensors, RFID tags & readers, security cameras, visual displays, pos terminals, interactive floorplans, vibration sensors and more.

Using the latest technology, IP, and proven processes, Connected Platform solutions scale cost-effectively and quickly to simplify management, increase savings and revenue streams, and improve service.

Connected Platform implementation starts with an initial alignment to define: • existing security measures • additional IoT devices available to increase security and monitoring • required outcomes • success criteria • digital estate planning

Next, we’ll work with you to create a scalable framework thoughtfully designed around existing IoT devices, governance and operations, security, apps and infrastructure. Upon completion, you'll benefit from the rapid integration of multiple technology systems, scalability and robust security, real-time notifications and communication capabilities, and the support of Insight's IoT device management portal, managed services, and deep experience optimizing solutions within the Azure cloud.

Insight provides end-to-end solutions and support from idea to market, addressing specific challenges and driving business outcomes while combining services, hardware, software and support into an all-encompassing package. Deploying Connected Platform for data ingestion from multiple IoT data sources in Azure solves the problem of standalone solutions with no ability to derive cross-domain insights.

Price is based on terms & conditions and may vary.