Insight Lens™ Fast Start: 3 week Proof of Concept


Modern Data Warehouses from Insight Lens delivers valuable data analytics.

Modern Data Warehouses (MDWs) with Insight Lens is a metadata-driven architecture for ingesting data from multiple different enterprise data sources using Azure® Data Factory (ADF) and processing/transforming data into an MDW. Now businesses can accelerate their transition from a traditional data storage strategy to an MDW approach, supported by the intuitive and highly templated MDW from Insight Lens. With MDWs from Insight Lens, businesses can:

  • Jumpstart their MDW initiative.
  • Greatly lower the time to value for MDW onboarding.
  • Benefit from the tailored support of Insight MDW experts.
  • Access highly templated MDW deployment architecture.
  • Minimize maintenance burdens.
  • Remove overly complicated data ingestion strategies.

Benefits • Built for scale: MDWs from Insight Lens has scaled to terabytes of data across dozens of sources • Flexible: Metadata-driven using design templates to easily add data sources combined with leading industry best practices • Seasoned architecture: Based on Insight’s deep expertise and proven with more than a dozen enterprise-scale clients • Secure: Leverages Azure Active Directory® (AD) for table- and row-level access security

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