Workload Transformation: 8-Wk Assessment


The Insight Workload Transformation Assessment guides clients through Azure migration decision making by rationalizing application migration, evaluating dependencies & mapping workloads to platforms.

Workload Transformation Assessments (WxA) comprise a series of services that include: automated and interview-based infrastructure and application discovery; application dependency mapping; identifying business and technical requirements; analyzing migration risks and mitigation strategies; evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership for migrating applications to Azure; and assessing compatibility of workloads and remediation steps.

Clients will receive TCO analysis, a migration decision matrix, and workload platform assignment and migration recommendations. Strategic Azure environment design and tool recommendations to support migration will be developed and specific guidance on next steps for building infrastructure and performing migration will be provided.

Additionally, Insight can help develop the bundles of applications for migration and map bundles to sprints for performing migrations, and finally take customers all the way through the design and build process that leads to migration with T- and day-of-move procedures and migration runbooks.

Pricing is based on terms and conditions, may vary.