IoT Envisioning: 4-Day Workshop

Insight Canada Inc

Insight will help to build a foundational understanding of how IoT and Azure services can drive transformational change to your business by enabling data-driven intelligence and integration.


Insight’s IoT Envisioning engagement delivers expert guidance for teams preparing to embark on an IoT journey, or those who desire an improved IoT roadmap. Harnessing the power of Azure's IoT services, including IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Time Series Insights, Digital Twins, and Stream Analytics, both new and existing devices can be sources of operational intelligence. The roadmap defines integration with new and existing devices and systems, then bridges into the implementation of a Proof of Concept.


• Day 1: Current State - We’ll begin with an in-depth workshop set to understand your business needs and determine the best use cases to demonstrate the value of IoT for your business. This includes discussions around workload, as well as specifics around time and location.

• Day 2: Framework - Our experts will recommend specific solutions based on identified opportunities. We will help to uncover risks, prioritize our recommendations, and model the framework for operating an IoT ecosystem in your environment.

• Day 3: Roadmap - The framework will be further expanded to include milestones, dependencies, and timelines for implementing required services and use cases. The target is to provide a clear view into requirements and commitments to achieve each value point, and build a plan for future growth.

• Day 4: Next steps - A key output is a concrete proposal for implementing (or amending) core IoT infrastructure and services, as well as a specific set of use cases. This provides an actionable next step with strong understanding of costs and requirements to get started with putting the roadmap into action.


• Educate your team on the latest Azure IoT services and features

• Define a roadmap for planned execution and realization of business value

• Embrace an Azure IoT solution confidently with expert guidance

• Get help configuring your solution via wiring, device deployment & more

• Easily integrate existing systems and devices