Azure Landing Zone: 4-Wk Implementation

Insight Canada Inc

Leverage Insight’s team of cloud experts to plan and implement your organization's Azure Landing Zone to enable a secure, well governed cloud platform to fast track your transformation journey.

Microsoft Azure is a scalable and secure cloud platform that can play a key role in your transformation journey. Insight can help you quickly make progress, with better visibility, in ways that make the most impact on your business starting with the Azure Landing Zone Engagement.

The Azure Landing Zone Engagement brings you the basic building blocks of any cloud adoption environment, whereby the environment is provisioned and prepared to host workloads. A fully functional and production-ready Landing Zone is a key component of the Cloud Adoption Framework Ready methodology, and a best practice for businesses ready to migrate to the Cloud.

Insight aligns closely to Microsoft's Well Architected Framework for Azure, ensuring that your environment is setup correctly the first time.