Azure Migration: 6-Wk Implementation

Insight Canada Inc

Leverage Insight’s team of cloud experts to plan and execute your organization's Azure migration that will fast track your transformation journey.

Strategic use of the public cloud is changing the way organizations view their infrastructure. The ability to leverage stable, supported platforms that provide scalability, flexibility, and convenience is delivering a wide range of benefits, from greater operational efficiency to enhanced backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

But, making the move to the public cloud can be challenging. Whether your organization is consolidating platforms or moving from older to newer platforms, it is crucial that you use proven methodologies to ensure that your data center transformation is successful.

Insight brings extensive experience in driving migrations, end-to-end. Our approach, in simple terms:

• First, we deploy toolsets to inventory your digital estate, including infrastructure and configurations

• Next, our consultants review your business requirements and goals, your applications, and their interdependencies

• We then group your assets into application groups and workloads based on their interdependencies

• From that foundation, we plan, build, and execute a seamless migration with zero-to-minimal disruption

Ultimately, a complex initiative that can seem overwhelming is orchestrated in an orderly and predictable manner with every detail managed to ensure a safe and smooth transition with little if any downtime.