HoloLens 2 Fast-Start: 1-day Workshop

Insight Technology Solutions

Discover the future of user experience and immersive collaboration with this workshop designed to educate and equip your team as the first step on your HoloLens 2 journey


Insight has developed a structured approach to HoloLens 2 deployments, delivered via remote session. It covers the basics of mixed reality and HoloLens 2, to help guide you on the path to effective deployment. It is designed for organizations either considering the use of HoloLens 2, or who have taken delivery of HoloLens 2 devices, but not yet actively deployed.
Pre-engagement questionnaire Insight shall provide a pre-engagement questionnaire, in advance of the Remote Assist Fast Start workshop. This questionnaire gathers some high level information about the following in your current environment that is relevant to the enablement of Remote Assist:

  • Hardware/infrastructure
  • Software/licensing
  • Network/connectivity
  • Users
The completed questionnaire should be returned to Insight in advance of the Remote Assist Fast Start workshop and will be used to drive conversations around considerations and recommendations to get Remote Assist enabled for your scenario(s).

Remote Assist Fast-Start Workshop. The workshop will then cover the following topics;

  • Introduction to HoloLens 2
  • Remote Assist overview
  • Typical use cases for HoloLens 2 / Remote Assist in relevant industry
  • Technical considerations and licensing for Teams and Remote Assist
  • Understanding your existing/future Teams deployment
  • Walk through rollout steps for your implementation
  • Review your desired outcomes for Remote Assist
  • Take you through the HoloLens 2 ‘out of box experience’ (OOBE)
  • Experience your first Remote Assist call (where Teams deployment is ready for Remote Assist, or can be quickly put into a ready state

  • The Remote Assist Fast Start workshop starts with an initial 2 hour session and then if required is broken up into one or more follow up events, to allow for you to make certain remediations as needed.