Windows Virtual Desktop: 1 day Assessment

Insight Technology Solutions

Assessment to develop a high level Windows Virtual Desktop design and Azure cost analysis
Available in three tiers that align to various levels of deployment complexity, the Insight WVD Assessment explores business and technical objectives and gives your clients a clear understanding of how they can harness the benefits of WVD to increase productivity, give their workforce highly secure anytime-anywhere access to the data and systems they need, and accelerate speed to market. For each tier of assessment there will be the following deliverables: *Kick off meeting with client and Insight project team with document minutes of actions required *In depth WVD questionnaire sent to the customer, followed by a call/meeting of 2 hours with the customer to review the questions and answers creating an assessment report *Delivery team will build the high-level design of the WVD solution, defining an estimation of the Azure & licenses cost.​ According to the complexity of the design, an additional technical review with the customer can be required.​ Client will receive a detailed blueprint for implementation along with costings. *Final meeting​ to agree on next steps​