Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Wk Implementation

InSpark BV

To successfully implement Azure Virtual Desktop, it is important that your organization meets a number of specific product specifications.

Given the current conditions in which we as a society increasingly work from home, there is an even greater need for a secure and scalable workplace that is always available. Azure Virtual Desktop offers the solution and also ensures good integration with other Azure services. Nevertheless, the implementation of Azure Virtual Desktop requires the necessary knowledge and skills. That's why InSpark offers the Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation.

The implementation of Azure Virtual Desktop consists of the following elements:

• Workshop – determining technical and functional requirements for AVD • Validation – Hybrid Identity Assessment (if applicable) • Design – Development of AVD High Level Design & Development of AVD Build Guide • Implementation – prepare Active Directory, Azure (resource groups/networking), Azure Storage Account • Test and deployment • (Knowledge) Transfer to IT organization • Project Support

Once your organization has implemented Azure Virtual Desktop, you can enjoy the following benefits:

o Scalability (Scale up & Scale out) o Security (Integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint) o Management from 1 portal o Save costs with the automatic start and stop of AVD virtual machines o Application & Image management o Monitoring o Integration with Conditional Access & Multi-Factor Authentication