Azure Integration Services - 5 day proof of concept


An estimated 5-day proof of concept to evaluate how the use of Azure Integration Services may solve your organization's integration challenges and requirements.

At we believe in the power of Microsoft Azure. We connect our customers applications, processes, tools and devices, both on-premise and in the cloud with maximum efficiency and visibility in mind.

The consistently growing range of cloud services in Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of advantages and possibilities. At we help our customers with their journey in and towards Azure using Azure Integration Service.

Using a phased approach, we will evaluate your integration requirements with an in-depth focus on one particular integration scenario of your organization. We will implement the selected use-case using Azure Integration Services in your Azure environment, allowing you to evaluate the functionalities & usability of Azure Integration Services within your organization.

Day 1 – Scoping and preparation

Workshop with your organizations stakeholders to examine your integration requirements and determine the scenario which will be implemented as a working solution on your Azure subscription. We will evaluate the required user access and system or application connectivity to guarantee the implementation phase can proceed without any hurdles.

Day 2-4 – Implementation

During the implementation phase we will focus on provisioning and configuring the Azure services which are required to build the selected integration scenario. We develop and implement the use-case based on the best-practices and know-how with regards to Azure Integration Services such as Azure Logic App, Functions, Service bus & API Management.

Day 5 – Delivery and handover

In the final phase will discuss the proof of concept results together with the primary stakeholders of your organization. Using a demo, the final solution will be demonstrated and discussed in detail as final closure of the proof of concept. Additionally, we can examine next steps and future planning for introducing Azure Integration Services as a solution within your organization.

Deliverables Proof of concept design of the selected integration use-case Code-base of the implemented solution Written documentation

Note: the estimated price does not include Azure Services. The price is an estimation based on approximate averages and may vary depending on the complexity of the requirements.