BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services Assessment


Assessment to prepare the roadmap and strategy plan for your BizTalk migration to Azure Integration Services.

For years, BizTalk Server has been the trusted Microsoft platform for implementing, maintaining and monitoring complex integration solutions within organisation's' landscapes. However, with the introduction of Azure Integration Services, Microsoft has expanded its portfolio, offering unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and a rich set of capabilities to seamlessly integrate with Azure Services, SaaS applications, and LOB-systems, all powered by a serverless compute runtime.

As a result, numerous organisations are embarking on the journey of migrating their existing BizTalk environments to an integration solution leveraging Azure Integration Services. This transition poses various challenges, including determining the migration approach, selecting the optimal integration services and design patterns, and validating the re-usability of critical BizTalk artifacts such as maps and schemas.

Our assessment offering will help organisations with:

  • Defining a high level integration architecture design of the existing platform
  • Define interface catalogue with categorisation based on flow complexity
  • Identity integration patterns based on existing integrations
  • Prepare a migration roadmap & strategy plan

For commonly sized Integration environments, we estimate averagely 3 weeks of time required to analyse an organisation's as-is situation, define the required scope and approach to finally deliver the planning and migration road map. This estimate can vary depending on the complexity and size of the existing integration landscape.