Data Security Services 3 weeks Assessment.

Integrity Partners Sp. z o.o.

Cloud Data Security. 3 weeks Assessment.

Integrity Partners offers customer data security services that ensure the highest level of security and compliance with legal regulations in the field of personal data protection.

The scope of services includes:

  • Audit of infrastructure, cloud solutions and Windows Server systems
  • Implementation of recommended endpoint security services: BitLocker, Credential Guard, Application Guard, WD Exploit Guard, WD Advanced Threat Protection, Application Control, AppLocker, App-V, Azure Information Protection, Secure Boot - UEFI Secure Boot, Endpoint Management, authentication, Advanced Threat Protection
      • Implementation of recommended cloud server security services: Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management, Azure Storage Encryption, Azure Security Center, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure MultiFactor Authentication, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Key Vault, Just in time VM Access
      • Implementation of recommended Information Protection services: Document security and rights management, Encryption, Monitoring user activity in accessing documents in cloud services
      • Implementation of recommended services ensuring the protection of Office 365: Document security, User activity monitoring, Advanced search information, Data loss protection, Advanced mail anti-virus protection, access control, access management for mobile services

      What we delivered The scope of services for the client: Audit, implementation of services, training in the field of cloud data security and mobile applications.

      Results for customer The client receives comprehensive security of infrastructure and data stored in the cloud and mobile applications in accordance with legal regulations in the field of data protection, including GDPR.