INTL Backup


Backup 5 onpremise servers in Azure Backup.

On premise File Servers can use cheap cloud storage for long term backup using Azure Backup. We want to protect customer on-premise file servers to Azure to achieve long term protection and use Microsoft Azure storage.

Out offer includes the following steps: Task 1: Assessment: • Assess existing infrastructure • Assess network topology • Assess applications • Assess virtualized servers

Deliverable for Task 1 – No deliverable

Task 2: Design:

• Define Azure components • Define Azure • Define Azure Backup policies • Define Azure storage options • Define Azure Backup retention policies

Deliverable for Task2 – No deliverable Task 3: Delivery Delivery: • Configure Azure components • Install Azure Backup agents for 5 servers • Configure Azure backup agents • Configure Azure backup policies • Configure Azure storage options • Configure Azure Backup retention policies

Deliverable for Task 3 – Backup for 5 servers Task 4: Acceptance test Acceptance phase:

• Acceptance of services

Deliverables for Task 4 - Solution testing and test documents signing.