Insights on Demand: 3-Day Workshop

FPT Software

Pre-packaged services to quickly deliver actionable insights and value from your data.

If you’re struggling with data science resources shortages or skill gaps, FPT provides pre-packaged analytics service offerings, built on Microsoft Azure, along with fractional use of our data science team to address your specific challenges and drive actionable insights based on use cases.

We start with a 3 Day Problem Assessment Workshop to understand what you are trying to achieve and then will get your account set-up on to upload your data (or can work with you in your Microsoft Azure environment) for the following services:  Data Augmentation (3 Weeks)  Advanced Analytics (6 Weeks)  Trends & Insights Analytics (4 Weeks)  Data Cleansing & Digitizing (3 Weeks)  KPI Analytics & Visualization (2 Weeks)

*Note: timeframes listed above are minimum engagement times for each package. Actual engagement time depends on complexity.