Application migration - Cloudify for ISVs: 3-Day


Transform your application to Azure with cloudify for ISVs

Azure Cloudify is THE way to transform your application. Whether you have a legacy application, your applications are partially or completely cloud-based or your organization does not know anything other than cloud born, you want to be permanently relevant to your target group. Depending on your situation, your application or organization is in need of something else, Cloudify for ISV offers you the solution.

Cloudify is a roadmap. A metaphorical train, in which you can join with your application at any time and at any place you want, and end up wherever you want to go as an organization. Where do you want to go with your organization?


  • Cloudify transforms any classic application to Azure in three business days. Using the Azure fabric, your classic application will be transformed and published als HTML5 application to any web browser and any device and will be able to use Azure Active Directory for authentication and single sign-on. Your application will be delivered as SaaS application from the public cloud and can be delivered from any Azure region world wide.

  • Cloudify offers a solution for any classic desktop application, in the Cloudify program your application will be published using Citrix Virtual Apps technology as HTML5 web page.

  • Cloudify also offers a solution for any classic web application by publishing it to an Web App, IIS or Apache web server running in Azure.

  • Your application can be scaled to any level and use all Azure public regions to ensure your application is always close to your customers.

  • The Cloudify offer includes the actual application transformation to Azure within 3 business days, an Azure subscription with Azure Active Directory and excludes the required resource consumption such as Virtual Machines, Azure SQL and storage.