Migrate to Azure: 1-Day Implementation


Migrate to Azure - with confidence [880 EU per Day]

Migrate your IT environment, infrastructure, applications and workloads to Azure with confidence.

Transforming a complex IT environment to Azure can feel challenging. Some or all of your important business data or workloads need to be moved to a new environment. Therefore you should choose an organization with a proven track record on Azure design and deployment, a deep level of cloud expertise and experience to guide you, and an organization that understands your business and processes.

Intercept is your Azure and Microsoft partner. We are born in the cloud, we have fully shifted our focus on Azure and are among the first to be certified as an Azure Expert MSP. We are also triple Gold Partner and ISO 27001:2013 certified. But the most important of all, we design, implement, MIGRATE and manage Azure solutions on a daily basis. By continuously improving our designs and managed service practice we are a front runner when it comes to incorporating new Azure functionality into customer solutions.

So we can transform your infrastructure, workloads and applications to Azure services and we can migrate from all platforms. For example we can migrate:

  • Azure Service Management (Classic) to Azure Resource Manager
  • On-premises, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud to Azure
  • IaaS to PaaS
  • AWS to Azure
  • VMware to Azure
  • Everywhere to Azure

Feel free to contact us for questions, migration or a cost estimations.