Azure Marketplace support 5-d Implementation


Publishing your SaaS solution to the Azure Marketplace, supporting you on connecting with the APIs, create the perfect transactable offer, and get you ready to become co-sell ready.

SaaS marketplace offer Software Companies are in the business of creating value for their customer and selling their product. Azure Marketplace provides an additional sales channel in the form of a SaaS offering. Onboarding your SaaS solution to the Azure Marketplace can be quite a task but we’re offering a standardized onboarding solution. We offer a short term and long-term scenario, depending on where you are in your app modernization journey.

Long term The long-term solution is focused on not having that endpoint for provisioning customers in your solution just yet! During this phase we will support and guide you in preparing your solution to allow provisioning, updating and deprovisioning of customers through a dependable endpoint (API). This doesn’t only give you the opportunity to fully automate orders coming in from the Azure Marketplace but also give you a standardized and high-quality solution for provisioning customers on your solution. This includes deploying additional infrastructure (databases, storage, etc).

day #1 - reviewing the assessment and interpreting and verifying the recommendations day #2 - assist making any changes to the technical infastructure day #3 - assist making any changes to the APIs day #4 - support on the administrative tasks within Partner Center day #5 - verify and test all integrations and actions when purchasing/demo-ing at the Azure Marketplace