6-Week POC: Any Domain AI/ML/NLP/Computer Vision

IOP Technologies LLP

Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, IoT AI/ML POC: We understand the problem at hand and come up with AI/ML model which can solve that problem.

In this 6 weeks engagement, we explore the data you have or help gather them, dig deep into the problem you are facing and build suitable Machine Learning model using Azure machine learning services and other components (such as Data Bricks, Data lake, Cosmos DB, Data warehouse, etc) as needed.

We have expertise of developing several projects in Financial domain, IoT, Manufacturing, Macro economics such as CPI, Supply Chain, Logistics, License plate recognition, item brand recognition, Natural Language processing, etc.

Our services will include:

  1. Have a 1 day workshop with you (online preferred) to understand the problem.
  2. Recommend and collect required data
  3. Build Models around the problem. Review and obtain feedbacks from you
  4. Exploration of the data and test the models
  5. Recommend the Azure components and build architecture


  1. Clearly marked and actionable insights from the data set provided or obtained
  2. Model outputs, performance parameters
  3. Architecture of the final solution
  4. Deployment of solution on Azure Infrastructure

We will build a governing structure and weekly reviews as part of this. Also a contract will be signed during the beginning of the engagement