Azure Migration & Security: 1 Day Implementation

IQ in IT Ltd

Let's make the world of technology work for your business. This service is designed to enable operational efficiency for your business, all while keeping your cost down and predictable.


For businesses looking to take their IT to the next level, Azure Cloud provides unrivalled potential. The old illusions that the cloud is insecure or that you have no control over where your data is stored are no longer valid. Microsoft's Tier 1 data centres are more secure, resilient, and future-proof than anything customers or rival data centre providers can construct.

Making the Cloud Work for any Business

It's not just a theme. This migration is designed to add the benefits of the transition to the Azure Cloud from different standpoints including time savings, cost efficiency, cyber resilience, and load balancing.

Due to a lack of planning or in-house knowledge, many businesses hit roadblocks on their cloud migration path. With IQ in IT's Azure Cloud Migration service, you'll get off to the best possible start, getting real value for money.


Your business outcomes are our #1 priority. It is important to analyse every detail of your current estate against performance, operations and security indicators to ensure your future success with the Azure Cloud Platform. Here is what we do for your business:
  • Employee workshop to gain business insights
  • Storage, database, and resource review
  • Security audit and review
  • IT workflow review and optimisation
  • Cost analysis and optimisation

During the migration, we gather data to document the project success and keep you updated. The last step is a handover that also serves as a quick start guide.

Why IQ in IT?

Our teams have over 12 years of experience in cloud migrations on any scale, including work for the Greater London Authority, University College London, Promethean, and Met Police. Get in touch to learn more or request a reference. We are always open to discuss your requirements!