Azure Backup as a Service : 4 Days PoC

Ismile Technologies

The 4 days PoC enables customers to see complete data backup, recovery, portability and visibility by setting up two workloads on cloud.

Azure Backup as a Service: 4 Days PoC

With our Azure backup as a service, you gain complete protection from malware, hacks, attain complete data recovery, portability and visibility. Your backup allows you to gain speed and immediate access while minimising costs. We also enable hybrid cloud backup on Azure backup server. This week-long Proof of concept will help customers learn cloud backup best practices for 2 mission critical workloads, that you handle in your environment.

Day 1-4 : Overview

• Azure Discovery • Setting up of Azure Backup Vault • Creating Backup of an Azure VM with snapshots • Creating backup of files with Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (MARS) • Creating backup of workload with DPM and MABS


• Setting up backup of two workloads on Azure Cloud • Setting up a backup vault • creating backup of Azure VM and files with snapshots and Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (MARS) • Setting up the backup frequency and retention based on customer demand • Demonstrate a functional backup in the existent on-premise environment • Restore a functional backup in on premise environment • Testing successful data restoration from cloud • Backing up workload with DPM • Creating and planning business continuity and disaster recovery scenarios • Backup operation management depending on the backup requirements • Installing and configuring backup agents • Log tracking for problems that may occur in the backup system • Adding, removing and size update operations for vaults • Creating backup reports