Italtel SPA

Fast-Shift is your best choice to speed up and simplify workload migration to Microsoft Azure cloud environments without impacts on customer experience.


Italtel, together with its reference partners, Cisco and Microsoft, has developed Fast-Shift, a solution to limit network impacts and constraints in the migration processes of applications from local Data Centers to Microsoft Azure Cloud environments. The Fast-Shift solution allows the extension of one or more subnets of the Data Center to the Azure Cloud, enabling the following scenarios: • keep IP addresses and network parameters configuration unchanged for applications migrated to Azure Cloud, even if they are obsolete, no longer supported or have a wired IP address within the application itself. • speed migration times without changing your application code and current network infrastructure. • selectively and gradually migrate applications, preserving their reachability, avoiding the need for a massive migration to the Cloud. • since it is a completely overlay solution, therefore agnostic with respect to the existing network infrastructure, it will be possible to interconnect the on- prem environment and the Cloud without the need for analysis and network adaptations.

This solution is therefore an enabler both for approaching a hybrid Cloud model and for migrating workloads in Lift and Shift mode, without any constraints to redesign the network or applications. Further advantages of the solution are: • a pragmatic approach to migrating applications from the Data Center to the Cloud. • the migrated application will be able to take advantage of the Cloud paradigm, reducing internal infrastructure costs. • connection to backup services for disaster recovery. • additional support that can be activated, as well as the possibility of free security updates if adopted to migrate Windows and SQL servers to Azure in EOS.

Based on the purchase of the plan defined in the assessment phase, we will distribute the related functions. During the subscription period, we will provide managed service and customer support.


Italtel offers its customers a complete and highly reliable solution, including the implementation and configuration of Cisco virtual components, both in a Data Center environment and on Azure. To address the problem of high reliability related to the Fast-Shift solution, Italtel has developed "Italtel Fast-Shift Redundancy Software". It is software implemented in the Cloud that enables the management of automatic failover (automatic and uninterrupted transition to a reliable backup system) of Cisco virtual network components on the Azure Cloud, both in the presence of failures and in anticipation of maintenance activities scheduled.


Italtel guarantees a wide range of expertise and knowledge, starting from the skills acquired in the creation of its products in a “cloud native” logic, with devops development methods, and from proven references of implementations in private and cloud ready environments.

Italtel’s hybrid cloud offer is based on solutions and services for two main scenarios:

• Re-invent the data center: designing the evolution of private data centers in terms of automation and management tools for opening up to hybrid cloud environments and smart operations. • Embrace multi-cloud: designing the migration of applications to the cloud, ensuring interoperability between public and private clouds. The Cloud Maturity Model guides the operation of Italtel services.