Cloud Migration: 9 weeks Assessment

ITC Infotech India Limited

Free Consulting : Cloud Discovery and assessment aligned with Azure Cloud Adoption Framework to access maturity of your IT environment to deploy on the cloud.

ITC Infotech has built our Cloud Transformation Framework called Cloudsense to take customers on Azure Cloud. We have built a well-thought structure to take the customer’s business to the cloud seamlessly without any impact to the business.

It begins with acquiring a deep understanding of not just the customer’s current IT environment but also business drivers, motivations, expectations, and overall outcome from the cloud journey and progresses through well-defined phases till the maturity of the cloud solution and validate the KPI’s of the outcome which was defined in the beginning.

We use all best practices and a well-architected framework as defined by the Microsoft Azure team to ensure that we deliver our services with the right quality and standards. Azure Cloud Adoption framework is a journey for migrating to the Cloud for all benefits such as agility and utilizing cutting edge technologies with highly optimized cost. ITC Infotech recommends following a high-level schedule which can be finetuned for customer’s needs based on the size and complexity of the Infrastructure and Application environments to be deployed at Azure Cloud

Week 1-3: Consulting, Data Discovery, and Assessment Deliverables: Architecture details and understanding of dependencies and Cloud maturity

Week 4- 6: Plan & Design Deliverables: Cloud transformation approach, High-level Azure Cloud cost of cloudification, readiness & Azure cloud adoption plan

Week 7-8: Readiness Check Deliverables: Pilot migration exercise to deploy and test environment at Azure Cloud and security compliance validation with Azure native security services

Week 9 Onwards: Migration & Testing Deliverables: Actual migration by using Azure Migrate, Azure Database Migration Services tool, Azure SQL, AKS, Management & Governance by Azure (Azure monitor, Azure resource manager, Azure service health, Traffic Manager, Azure Advisor, Azure Cost Management and Billing)