Data Estate Modernization: 10-Weeks Assessment

ITC Infotech India Limited

Real-time & predictive insights across the enterprise with platforms of intelligence for a scalable, flexible, secure data foundation that is future-ready.

ITC Infotech brings Data Estate Modernization services to build a modern data platform which is Cloud-based and AI-powered as the foundation of digital transformation and analytics. We help enterprise assess their current data ecosystem for modernization readiness and identify approach to migrate legacy systems to Azure cloud environment. Our services help enterprise reduce costs by 30-50% and handle 10X more customer data sets as well as help them derive insights faster. We leverage Microsoft technologies like Azure Cloud, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Migrate, Azure Database Migration Services and Azure Synapse, to modernize the data estate of enterprises We work with Microsoft's professional services for the assessment, and we bring in our domain knowledge and accelerators like Data Strategy Assessment Toolkit, Pre-built Data Quality Rules, Automated Data Ingestion, Microservice-based Data Platform, Reports Rationalization Framework, and Business Prioritization Framework. The modern data platforms are a compliance-ready platform which adheres to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, BCBS, GDPR, and more. Data Estate Modernization Services include Strategy and Design, Data Migration from legacy systems to a modern platform, Modern Data Lake creation by re-engineering legacy data platform, Data Governance, Data Visualization, AI and Advanced Analytics integration Schedule and Deliverables Week 1-4: Consulting-led Data Strategy Assessment Deliverables: Current data estate assessment, Architecture & Analytics Landscape evaluation Week 4- 8: Develop Design & Architecture of Modern Data Estate Deliverables: Solution reference Architecture, Information Governance Framework Week 8-10: Define Roadmap and Modernization Strategy Deliverables: Modernization and migration to Azure roadmap and approach for short, near and long term with 60-90 days deliverables Please note that the schedule and deliverables may differ based on the scope of work.