Manufacturing Intelligence:10-Weeks Imp

ITC Infotech India Limited

ITC Infotech brings a bespoke AI/ML-powered intelligent platform to empower CPG leaders to build stronger consumer connect, mutually rewarding retailer relationships, and streamlined supply chains.

ITC Infotech' offers platform intelligence for Manufacturing industry to improve business values with key solutions from data foundation to advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML) to Augmented and Edge Analytics. It leverages Microsoft technologies like Azure Data Lake, Azure Cognitive Services, BOTs, Integration API Management, Azure Synapse, etc. We start with an assessment-led consulting using Microsoft's professional services and our business consulting to understand the clients vision and ecosystem. We then define the future roadmap of the platform using Microsoft technologies and propose a Proof of Value/Pilot for few use cases as well as roadmap for onboarding other use cases.

Our Platforms of Intelligence deliver: Production Intelligence ● Condition-based predictive maintenance and automation of workflows ● Process optimization for energy management ● Predictive quality and optimization of work health and safety Supply Chain Intelligence ● Advanced visibility for intelligent sourcing and procurement ● Inventory optimization and product traceability for integrated planning ● Warehouse automation and optimized pricing Product Intelligence ● Real-time insights on product performance, predictive analytics for quality analysis ● Preventive maintenance augmented service execution ● Service workflow bots and recommendations

PoI framework is built on Microsoft services and solutions like Azure Data Lake, Azure Cognitive Services, BOTs, Integration API Management, Azure Synapse, Azure App Service, Azure SQL and Azure CDN, and other Microsoft clouds. Deliverables Week 1-4: Consulting-led Assessment: Business Requirements Document, Use case Identification, Platform Rollout Roadmap Week 4- 18: Pilot MVP to Demonstrate the Proof of Value - Use case-led MVP/pilot, Data Strategy Roadmap, Design UI/Mockups, New use case roadmap 6-9 Month: Scale the platform - Data Lake environment in Azure, Insights, Dashboard, 9 Months - Go -Live