Platform of Intelligence Airlines: 10 weeks Imp

ITC Infotech India Limited

ITC Infotech's Platform of Intelligence for Airlines accelerates Data & Analytics journey of airlines and helps them realize value quickly across the value chain.

The Platform of Intelligence (POI) for Airlines is a Service offering to implement and deploy Intelligence at scale across the value chain to realize potential benefits in the Airline industry.

The POI implementation is backed up by Microsoft’s industry and data & analytics experts to define the current state, future roadmap, and select the right use cases to deliver value and scale the platform on Azure. Our platforms of intelligence for airlines are powered by AI/ML and offer continuous insightful support to key leaders in commercial, operations, and marketing. It empowers these leaders with insights to optimize costs, improve operational efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement. It enables airlines to accelerate value realization – 2% incremental passenger load factor, 4% savings in fuel, 3% upside in crew utilization, and 2% improvement in TAT.

POI has an underlying framework that consists of ready-to-use and proven industry-leading data models and accelerators, algorithms, and identified KPIs that speed up the implementation for the Airline industry. This framework leverages our bespoke Azure AI/ML models for prescriptive recommendations. POI framework is built on Microsoft services and solutions like Azure Data Lake, Azure Cognitive Services, BOTs, Integration API Management, Azure Synapse, Azure App Service, Azure SQL and Azure CDN, and other Microsoft clouds.

Schedule and Deliverables

Week 1-3: Consulting-led Assessment Deliverables: Business Requirements Document, Use case Identification, Platform Rollout Roadmap Week 4- 7: Dev/Test/QA Deliverables - Use case-led MVP/pilot, Data Strategy Roadmap, Design UI/Mockups, New use case roadmap Week 8-10: Go-Live and Handoff Deliverables: Data Lake environment in Azure, Insights, Dashboard, Intelligent Apps, QA and Test Results, Go-Live SOW, documentation, test cases and test results, automation scripts Please note that schedule and deliverables may differ based on the