Identity Cleanse: 5-Day Workshop

ITC Secure Ltd

A workshop to review and reconcile an organisation's identity status, enabling Azure AD planning, changing or improving

Before implementing an identity solution, it’s important to understand the current state of existing identities and accounts across your business – whether they are up-to-date, consistent and meet your organisation’s requirements.

Over time, identity and access systems, such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accumulate changes and modifications to data – as users, accounts and groups are added, amended and removed – often resulting in a difference between the aspired “clean” state and the reality of disparate data.

Leveraging Microsoft technologies, ITC Secure can consolidate and reconcile all sources of user and account information to identify your organisation’s current identity status. We’ll summarise this in a concise report so you are clear of next steps and any necessary remediation actions.

Typically conducted over five days, ITC Secure will begin with an initial workshop to understand how your users and accounts are currently managed before implementing a Microsoft-based solution within your corporate network. This involves loading extracts of data from your core identity-related systems – usually, but not limited to one or more HR and Azure AD systems. We’ll use this to produce a consolidated model of users and accounts across the organisation. A typical workshop agenda looks like:

  • Day 1: Introduction, technical requirements capture and tooling setup
  • Day 2: Data ingestion from HR and Azure AD systems
  • Day 3: Data flow analysis and account modelling
  • Day 4: Findings review and remediation activities
  • Day 5: Documentation, presentation and next steps
  • Once generated, this model is used to produce a written summary of all findings such as primary issues, key observations and best practice recommendations – including guidance on common issues that can accumulate within identity solutions such as Azure AD.