Azure Test/Dev Environment: 5-Day Workshop


Create a Cloud-Based lab so your organization can develop and test your application while significantly reducing delivery time and costs.

The Microsoft Azure platform allows you to create a cloud-based lab so you can develop and test your application and give you the flexibility to add or remove different components in the test lab as testing requirements change.

Our solution includes:

  • Five-day on-site design and implementation services
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team, with an assigned expert for the project
  • Free Microsoft Azure cloud services trial period
  • Three-month post-configuration checkup

Key Benefits:

  • The total cost of ownership savings of approximately 30%, with minimized upfront investment
  • 20-30x faster hardware provisioning and delivery
  • Ability to scale your test/dev environment dynamically as your need change

Test/Dev Agenda:

Day 1: - Kick-off Workshop - Scoping of needs - Create base Azure Tenant

Day 2-4: - Create and configure servers as per needs - Execute test cases to ensure functionality - Knowledge transfer for basic Azure tenant administration and server management

Day 5 (at 3-month mark): - Review servers and environment - Implement adjustments if required - Complete project closing