Upgrade Access to Azure: 40-Hours Assessment

IT Impact, Inc.

Access your Microsoft Access database from anywhere with an internet connection by migrating your data to Azure:

Online meetings to review and improve your Microsoft Access database:

  • Database analysis and overview
  • Online tech support
  • Optimization
  • Enforce encryption
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fix bugs
  • Upgrade to Azure

During the online meetings, we will review your Microsoft Access database to understand its functionality, features, complexity, and level of performance to determine what it would take to upgrade it to Azure. Identify bugs and issues that might cause crashes, slowness, or low performance once the data is migrated to Azure.

After the initial analysis, we´ll start working on the database to update the code and make sure it is optimized to work properly on the cloud and reduce the latency involved. We will implement best practice solutions to improve security, stability, reliability, and performance.

Once your data is in Azure, you can continue to use Access via Office 365, backed by the security, flexibility, and scalability of Azure. You´ll obtain the following benefits:

  • Allow employees to securely use the database at home, on the road, or anywhere there is internet access.
  • Handle many more users with ease.
  • Much more stable or reliable than just using a pure Access solution.
  • Continue to use the same Microsoft Access database you know and love, no need to convert it to a web app!
  • Improved security with PCI and HIPAA compliance measures.
  • Up to the minute backups and recovery.