Purview End to End:3-Months Implementation


Unified Data Governance Implementation, that enables customers to prevent data leakage using Microsoft Purview and other third-party solutions to cover a wide range of data sources and locations.

This Solution is intended for Customers looking to protect and discover important business data and prevent Data leakage (Accidental and intentional).

ITQANCloud will help you implement and Extend Microsoft Purview to cover other data sources and labeling capability using solutions like Boldon James and BigID.

Project Plan Phase 1: Pilot In this phase, Microsoft Purview must be created and configured for a small set of users. Usually, it's just a group of 2-3 people working together to run through end-to-end scenarios. Phase 2: Minimum viable product Once you have the agreed requirements and participated business units to onboard Microsoft Purview, the next step is to work on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release. In this phase, you'll expand the usage of Microsoft Purview to more users who will have more needs horizontally and vertically. Phase 3: Pre-production Once the MVP phase has passed, it’s time to plan for pre-production milestone. Your organization may decide to have a separate instance of Microsoft Purview for pre-production and production or keep the same instance but restrict access. Phase 4: Production The above phases should be followed to create an effective data lifecycle management, which is the foundation for better governance programs. Data governance will help your organization prepare for the growing trends such as AI, Hadoop, IoT, and blockchain.

License Requirements Mostly pay as you go subscription and active Microsoft 365 E5, some indirect costs also can incur. Third party tools like Boldon James and BigID is required depending on the customer requirements. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/purview/concept-guidelines-pricing