DataCenter Modernization 6 Weeks Implementation

IT Quest Solutions

6 Weeks Solution Assessment for Datacenter Migration, get a full detailed offering including technical Assesment and cost details about Datacenter Migration or Hybrid Datacenter.
Datacenter Migration is a specialized solution that helps the organization how to move to Microsoft cloud. With this solution you will be able to have a: - Technical Assessment for on premises workloads (1-2 Weeks): - Servers - Networking - Licensing - Cost details for you datacenter migration to Azure (1 Week): -PAYG, PAYG + AHB -1Y, 1Y + AHB -3Y, 3Y + AHB - Migration Plan for your datacenter migration (2 Weeks) based on your business needs and ITQS recommendations. - Networking details. - Server migration plan. - Monitoring. After the delivery of this services the customer will have detailed information about their infrastructure and the benefits of move their workloads to the cloud.