Azure Operation Pack - Azure Continuous Improvement

IT Relation A/S

Cloud cost control in just a few clicks

Cloud costs shatter your innovation Every month you scramble to find reasons why your Azure bill grew way over your forecast, and you can't seem to find the right answers or solutions in time.

Costs Are growing rapidly and way over what your cloud adoption plan had projected.

Emissions Is a growing concern for your company, but you cannot find scalable solutions to help you.

Burnout From overwork trying to fix cost overruns coming out of the blue, every month.

Discover and fix costs fast Go beyond the limitations of Azure's own tools and get easy-to-digest-and-share cost insights.

  • Instant overview of everything costing you
  • Easily communicate to business consumers
  • Cost, usage, CO2, without paying extra

Automate your cloud FinOps.

Auto-shut compute Get flexible, scalable, and easy auto-shut down of VMs, scalesets, AppServices, etc.

Reduce countless hours Avoid wasting valuable time doing repetitive tasks with simple click-to-scale.

Catch trends and anomalies Know what is being used, not just what is billed, and make the right timed decisions.

Govern usage with users Govern resources and users better and smarter than standard policies and tags.

Secure interface Simply give information and control to the organization away from cloud portals.

Beyond money Reduce your CO2 footprint without breaking the bank. Simply click to scale.