Azure MFA Quick Start: 2-Week Implementation

IT Weapons

A 2-week consulting implementation that will enhance your organization's identity security capabilities through Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Introducing Azure MFA Quick Start: As organizations continue to operate in a hybrid or remote workplace model, protecting your company’s infrastructure from unauthorized access becomes more crucial.

MFA ensures that even if an employee’s password is compromised, malicious entities will not be able to gain access to the company’s systems. Your organization will be protected even if employees are connecting through public networks, using personal devices or have weak passwords.

Process & Deliverables:

  • Planning and Design: Our team meets you to gather critical information related to existing infrastructure, potential pain points and business goals.
  • Tenant review: Our consultants review the existing tenant and Single Sign-on configuration or build your tenant if you do not have one.
  • Azure MFA configuration: We configure the required policies, protocols, MFA security groups and more.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Our team tests the solution with up to 5 users from your organization to make sure the configuration aligns with your organization’s expectations.
  • Rollout: Our consultants roll out the solution to the wider group.
  • Post Rollout: We provide post-production support, administrator training and an MFA enrollment guide to make it a smooth transition for your users.
  • Implementation pricing and timeline can be tailored based on your organization’s needs and requirements.​

    To get started on your Azure MFA journey, contact us today.