Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Week Implementation

IT Weapons

A 4-week consulting implementation of Azure Virtual Desktop followed by an ongoing managed service that provides employees with secure access to their office desktop no matter where they work

Introducing Secure Cloud Desktop (SCD): with organizations moving towards a hybrid workplace model, delivering a strong desktop experience both remotely and in the office is key for success. SCD is the perfect virtual desktop solution, as it is built on the robust Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop platform and is fully managed, secured, and optimized by IT Weapons.​

Key Benefits:​
  • Quick and efficient onboarding​
  • Secured by Azure MFA, IT Weapons' Managed Anti-Virus Service, and Azure's built-in security features​
  • Cost-effective auto-scaling, ensuring that you only pay for the Azure resources that your employees use​
  • Secure access to your office desktop through any smart device at any location​
  • Timely Operating System and Application updates along with continuous monitoring, alerting, and reporting ​
Outcomes for your organization​
  • A fully managed, secure and scalable virtual desktop environment​
  • Full access to files and applications for office-based, remote and hybrid employees​
  • Consistent and familiar Windows 10 user experience​

Implementation pricing and timeline can be tailored to your needs based on application requirements and the number of users.
To get started on your Secure Cloud Desktop journey, contact us. To know more about the solution, please visit our solution page.​