Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Hr Briefing

IV4, Inc.

iV4 will help you understand the value of moving your applications, data, and infrastructure to the Azure cloud in this 1-hour briefing

“Asking questions is the first way to begin change” Kubra Sait

iV4 will provide a high-level overview of Azure platform options, how they can transform your on-premises data center and the costs to maintain it, as well as, the processes involved in implementing a successful migration.

Most organizations are aware of the digital transformation that Azure Cloud services can provide, but the challenge is where to begin and how to properly evaluate the benefits of undergoing such a transformation. The first step in understanding Azure is through iV4’s Azure Cloud Migration Briefing. This 1 hour briefing is designed to help clients comprehend and evaluate the Azure platform choices available to them.

The first phase of iV4’s methodology framework is “Engage”, which is an opportunity for iV4 to gain an understanding of how your organization functions, the business drivers behind the interest in a cloud transition, and the mechanics of how to get there. iV4 can then provide a clear, streamlined transition using a proven implementation methodology based on your organization's unique requirements.

The result of iV4’s Azure Cloud Migration Briefing is a clearly-defined roadmap on a long-term view of the costs and benefits linked to Azure’s subscription model and real-world situations to guide clients to an understanding of what Azure can do for their organization.

Whether you are just starting out or already leveraging Azure, iV4 can help.

Azure Cloud Migration Briefing Agenda (Sample)

  • Introductions: 5 minutes
  • Company Cloud Goals and Drivers: 20 minutes
  • Azure Cloud Services Overview: 20 minutes
  • Azure Architecture
  • Cloud Platform
  • Azure Services *Migration Process *Security Options *Application Modernization Strategy & Business Outcomes: 10 minutes
  • Q&A and Next Steps: 5 minutes