Azure Synapse Analytics Implementation: 6-Wk Implementation

Jarmany Ltd

Integrate your data solution in to one efficient and modern environment with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

Are you:

  • Looking to combine all your Azure data infrastructure in to one service?
  • Using several different Azure services such as Data Factory, SQL Server and Databricks and want to collate them all in one platform?
  • Aiming to use a modern, constantly developing DaaS platform that is leading the future in data software?

Welcome to the future with Azure Synapse Analytics. Synapse is a unified experience joining several key Azure services, meaning you can store, clean, transform, analyse, and monitor your data all in one place. It can collect data from a variety of sources and distribute cleaned data to a wide range of business analytic tools. Jarmany has implemented this solution to several large clients, setting them up with a developed infrastructure that will keep their data thriving and stand the test of time.


  • Initial workshop to discuss the services you currently use and how we can integrate them into Synapse
  • Create a Synapse workspace and the necessary connectors to link your data with the service
  • Establish storage and transformation steps to collate the data
  • Analyse the transformed data and provide key insights
  • Present the findings and recommend next steps

About Jarmany: As a Microsoft Gold Partner with many Microsoft Certified Synapse Analytics experts Jarmany has all the right skills to help any company implement Azure Synapse Analytics. Meaning we can move your current services to Synapse, or we can create it from scratch in Synapse.

*The cost can vary depending on the scope/scale of the use cases and services selected and number of use cases selected to investigate.