Microsoft Cloud Home Office 4 Week POC

Jasco Consulting Pty Ltd

Get Hybrid Work ready! Equip your employees with the right tools to continue working remotely and securely, regardless of their location.

Jasco has put together a Windows Virtual Desktop solution that enables you to work securely and effectively regardless of your location. Supplemented by Microsoft Teams the full office experience is delivered from anywhere, at any time with advanced security and compliance capabilities.

We will address the following business needs:

  • Quick deployment to address the immediate need to facilitate remote working.
  • Access company resources anywhere in real-time in a simple and user-friendly manner.
  • Staff can effectively communicate, collaborate on documents, and have face-to-face virtual meetings to ensure continued teamwork.
  • Secure all access with the latest in Modern Authentication techniques ensuring the loss of passwords no longer poses a risk to the business.

Minimise capital expenditure while future-proofing your ICT environment with a modern and secure remote access strategy. Overall, creating the perfect environment to utilize all your office’s business resources at home through a remote working solution. 

We will deliver a remote workshop over a Teams meeting. The workshop will be aimed at articulating the overall solution, discovering the details around the current ICT environment, and discussing the requirements of the complete solution.

Jasco will build a Windows Virtual Desktop environment based on your specific requirements. The environment will then be connected back to your server farm to ensure application and database connectivity.

Access to WVD will be secured and front-ended by Multi-Factor Authentication, ensuring access to the intended parties only, even when credentials are compromised.