Enterprise Threat, Incident & Compliance Management Service

John Keells Information Technology Pvt Ltd

Organizations require a new security model to proactively detect and mitigate possible security threats, and maintain compliancy to relevant standards and regulations.

John Keells, IT has initiated a Enterprise Threat, Incident & Compliance Management Service to effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, while minimizing their impact to the organizations. This is being accomplished by maintaining the best cloud security practices, which are aligned with the organization's requirements to improve its security posture. The goal is to enhance security by managing threats, incidents, and compliance in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

Our approach, Enterprise threat, incident, and compliance management service, is a comprehensive solution that utilizes Microsoft Sentinel which combines advanced security technologies and expert analysis to help your organization identify and mitigate security risks, respond to security incidents, and comply with regulatory requirements. It provides a centralized platform for monitoring and managing security incidents, ensuring business continuity, and avoiding costly penalties associated with non-compliance.

Following Services will be utilized for this deliverable.

  1. Defender for Cloud
  2. Azure Monitor
  3. Update Management Center
  4. Application Gateway
  5. Azure Bastion
  6. Azure DDOS Protection
  7. Azure Front Door
  8. Network Watcher
  9. Defender for Cloud Apps
  10. Defender for Endpoint
  11. Defender for Office 365
  12. Microsoft Sentinel