Information Protection & Governance

John Keells Information Technology Pvt Ltd

To aid you in the discovery of the data residing in the organization’s data estate and use our expertise in addressing them in accordance with compliance and governance standards.

John Keells IT is a security consulting service provider for enterprises. We endeavour to bring distinctive security consulting to market with best-of-breed security tools/ services from Microsoft and partner ecosystem to deliver the best in terms of service levels. We are best poised to achieve this through our simplified focus and in delivering to our client’s security needs, through strong methodologies and best practices.

We offer a comprehensive information protection and governance solution using Microsoft Purview, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of dark data hidden in the organization that could lead to compliance risks in the long run. With the use of our solution, your organization can be assessed against regulations and data protection standards. In addition, you can also gain a deeper understanding of the data by organizing and improving the overall data quality and accuracy and increasing efficiency in using their data assets which will ultimately prevent data leakage and empower your data stakeholders to streamline the management and oversight of your on-premises, multi-cloud and Saas data.