SAP Enterprise Threat Detection & Protection

John Keells Information Technology Pvt Ltd

SAP Systems usually process and store sensitive & highly critical data. Therefore, to increase overall protection for SAP ERP data from cyber threats, "Sentinel Solution for SAP" is essential.

Our resilient SAP security solution offering with Microsoft Sentinel

SAP application environments are a highly integrated part of an organization's value chain, they are an indispensable part of daily operations. SAP systems connect different departments and programs together to help run the business smoothly. They usually process and store sensitive and highly critical data because they are incredibly complicated.

Any security breach can cause operational, financial and reputational damage to the organization. Since they are so complex and unique by nature, it is difficult for security operations teams to effectively monitor and protect; also makes it harder to develop proper cybersecurity measures.

Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP allows you to monitor, detect, and respond to suspicious activities and guard your business-critical data against sophisticated cyberattacks. Our resilient SAP security solution ensures the business data from SAP (SAP Business Suite, SAP HANA, or S/4HANA) is protected with Microsoft Sentinel solution for SAP.

Our “Sentinel solution for SAP” protects your business in several ways:

Gain visibility across SAP system layers.

Discover and detect suspicious activity and automatically respond to threats.

Accurately detect SAP threats with data correlation from all sources and SAP infrastructure.

Customize your own threat detection solutions.