Synapse Migration: 6-week Assessment

Joyful Craftsmen s.r.o.

On-premise to Synapse readiness assessment with migration strategy recommendation

Migrate from on-premise data warehousing and big data analytics to Azure Synapse Analytics with confidence

Migrate to a limitless analytics platform that brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics—and leave expensive and inelastic on-premises data warehouses behind. Azure Synapse Analytics is a distributed system designed to perform analytics on large data. Migrating to Azure Synapse Analytics may require some design changes that might take some time to implement. Assess your solution readiness and get guidance for your migration effort.

Consider using Azure Synapse Analytics when you:

  • Have one or more terabytes of data.
  • Plan to run analytics on substantial amounts of data.
  • Need the ability to scale compute and storage.
  • Want to save on costs by pausing compute resources when you don't need them.

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