Cloud Adoption: 2-Hours Workshop

JSC it-partner AB

This is an introductory workshop that go through the basic cloud adoption objectives. When the workshop is complete you will understand the fundamental next steps of your organizations cloud journey.

Initial workshop to introduce your organizations cloud adoption objectives and explore options in next steps on moving to Azure.

At the end of this workshop, you will understand the core elements of Microsoft's Azure Cloud Adoption journey, as well as an understanding of the considerations and the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) required to evaluate investment and replat forming options onto Azure.

Whether you are being driven by innovation aspirations, cost saving targets, data center refresh cost avoidance or looking towards future proofing existing legacy systems that are past their sell by date. Will we be able to help structure your thinking, provide a set of recommended solution that we ourselves should have chosen. Assist you on practical next steps towards an insight led journey to Azure Cloud.

A summary of the discussed topics will be provided after the session which will articulate your businesses problem statement definition, priorities and key concerns, recommended next steps.

Agenda: Short ”Who are JSC” Your expectations on this Workshop
Understanding Why Cloud Adoption Framework walkthrough Summarize


Businesses problem statement definition, priorities, key concerns High-level approach and recommended next step.