Data and Analytics: 2-Months Implementation

Kagool Ltd

Modernize your IT state, govern your data and deliver fast value to your business with Kagool’s accelerators based on Azure native services.

Kagool is a leading provider of advanced data solutions on Microsoft Azure. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs and develop customized strategies for implementing data solutions that will drive business value. Our end-to-end services cover everything from data integration to advanced analytics and visualization, and help with:

Data Ingestion We help businesses with digital transformation by accelerating access to data in Azure. We have proprietary tools like Velocity that can extract data from SAP and other systems quickly, reducing the time it takes to create delta pipelines and datasets from weeks/months to minutes. They have experience building pipelines that support batch, incremental, and CDC ingestion and comply with regulations. Velocity is based on a data observability framework that can identify points of failure and redirect clients to resolve issues automatically. Kagool also implements domain-specific controls like transformation and independent controls to ensure data consistency throughout the pipeline.

Data Warehouse Our data warehouse solution in Azure is specifically designed to cater to the data management needs of businesses operating in different industries. We have developed industry-specific data models that are based on the ERP systems commonly used in those industries. This approach ensures that our data models are tailored to the unique requirements of each industry, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their data and gain valuable insights. With our industry-specific data models, businesses can easily integrate their data from multiple sources into a single, centralized repository. This enables them to perform comprehensive analysis of their data, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. The Azure platform also enables businesses to leverage powerful analytics tools to gain deeper insights into their data.

Data Governance (Data Quality and Master Data Management) We offer Master Data Management and Data Quality services to businesses at any stage of their data journey. We provide a data governance solution called Pulse that uses Azure services to validate, cleanse, and enrich data, offering different SLAs for resolving data quality issues quickly. Pulse integrates with Azure Data Lake and ERP systems to maintain data quality by pushing enriched data back into their systems. Built on Azure services, Pulse provides a secure, scalable, and reliable platform for managing data governance needs and automating data validation processes.

Data Observability Data is crucial for businesses, but managing and monitoring data pipelines can be complex. Robust data observability practices are needed to ensure that data pipelines are efficient, reliable, and secure. We provide specialized products and services to help businesses implement effective data observability practices, allowing them to monitor and analyze their data pipelines in real-time. This provides insights to optimize data pipelines, improve data quality and security, and drive better business outcomes. Our solution in Data Observability covers: · Data Quality Metrics: Includes missing or invalid values, data duplication, and consistency · Data Pipeline Metrics: Include processing rate, throughput, and latency · Data Availability Metrics: Includes metrics such as uptime, replication, and backups, ensuring that data is always available and accessible to downstream applications and users · Data Security Metrics: Include encryption, access controls, and governance By monitoring and analyzing these KPIs, teams can gain insights into the performance and reliability of their data pipelines and take proactive measures to optimize them.

Data Analytics Our Data and Analytics team of data engineers, data scientists, and Power Platform developers has delivered reports across many sectors such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, finance, and HR. Our technical expertise, coupled with domain knowledge of cross functional experts make us understand business requirements quicker and better for exceptional first-time delivery. Kagool is proficient in choosing the best tool for reporting needs, whether it's static pagination, operational Power BI reports, interactive predictive reports, or custom integrations. A well-designed semantic data model is essential for good reports and Kagool is expert in designing tabular data models for delivering reports that meet business user expectations with good performance.

Implementation Plan: Week 1 & 2: Assessment Current Landscape & Design Week 3: Landing Zone creation Week 4, 5, 6: Build Week 7: SIT/UAT Week 8: Go-Live & handover

Price dependant on:

  1. Number of sources
  2. Volume of the data
  3. Number of integrations
  4. Complexity of the transformations
  5. Number of dashboards
  6. Non-Functional Requirements
  7. Functional Requirements
  8. Customization on CDMs based on ERP

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