OpenAI: 4-Week Implementation

Kagool Ltd

Elevate your business with OpenAI's advanced and ethical AI technologies, enhancing customer experiences, boosting sales, and building trust and loyalty through responsible and transparent AI practice

OpenAI is a leading research organization focused on advancing the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Their research has led to the development of state-of-the-art language models like GPT-4, which have been shown to excel at tasks such as natural language processing, language translation, and even creative writing.

In Kagool, we strongly believe companies can really beneficiate from these advanced techniques and we started developing solutions on top of the partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft where they offer powerful language models as a service to businesses and developers. This OpenAI Azure service allows organizations to leverage the latest AI technologies to build innovative applications and solve complex business problems. With OpenAI Azure, businesses can harness the power of language models without needing to invest in expensive hardware or deep AI expertise. This service opens up new possibilities for businesses looking to unlock the potential of AI and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Some of the use cases (but not exclusively) where your company can benefit from are:

Employee Digital Experience:

  • FAQ & Policies: Customized and personalized employee policies and automate the process of responding to the FAQ.
  • Benefits & Compensations: Request Salary Certificate, submit vacation request, submit a medical certificate, show leave balance, request status, download PaySlip, and view employee benefits.
  • Training and onboarding: Show mandatory training, and training status, submit Quizzes, view the training calendar, add and delete nominations, and request training feedback.
  • Expenses and Procurement: Persona-based procurement pending approvals, submit expense claims, view and approve pending expenses.
  • Travel and Concierge: Plan travel, book ticket, and view upcoming events.
  • IT Help Desk: Raise IT tickets, Pro-Active push notifications for system maintenance and outage,  Check request status, and step by step guide and FAQ.

Customer Digital Experience:

-Open AI Concierge Bot:

  • Service Catalog and booking Integration: Integrates with service Catalog to enable entire transaction engine
  • FAQ & Context-based Informational: Customized and personalized context-based informational Open AI and automate the process of responding to the FAQ
  • CRM and Omni Channel: Integration with CRM, recommendations engine for past transactions, recommendations based on historical transactions, and customer 360
  • Analytics and Reporting: Integration with Data Services, Power BI for analytics, customer 360 data, and business reporting.

-Open AI Retail Transactional Bot:

  • Product Catalog Integration: Integrates with Product Catalog to enable full transaction engine
  • Product Information: Conversational Open AI Integrates with Knowledge base, CMS to provide context-based answers
  • Products Comparison: Open AI capabilities to summarize product comparisons
  • CRM Integrations: Full Integration with CRM for customer transactional history and customer information
  • Omni- Channel: Open AI engine can interact across different channels

-Social Media Analytics with Open AI:

  • Real-Time Insights: Show customer's emotions and opinions about your company
  • Improved Customer Service: Identify negative feedback or complaints and receive suggestions on addressing these issues.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain insights about the strengths and weaknesses of your customers and identify new business opportunities.
  • Increased Engagement: Deeply understand the trends, topics, and conversations relevant to your company worldwide.

-Call Center Analytics with Open AI:

  • Call Center: Post call Analytics to extract valuable call center metrics and insights such as average call duration time, caller intent, customer and agent sentiment, customer feedback, and others
  • Post-Call Data Capture: Improve executive decision-making by extracting detailed conversation insights. Identify call drivers, emerging trends, call categorizations, product improvement opportunities, etc.
  • Script Compliance: Extracts detailed speech analytics and transcript comparison with Call Centre agent script.
  • Call summarization and categorization: Open AI capabilities to summarize calls and categorize them call either as sales request, complaint, etc.


  • Week 1: Use Case Assessment
  • Week 2: Solution Design
  • Week 3 and 4: Build & Go-live

Price depends on the use cases, complexity, connections, features, etc.