Claims Transformation with Azure OpenAI


Kainos provides a secure, integrated Azure OpenAI POV that allows claims handlers to make faster, more robust and transparent decisions and personalise their approach to meet customers' needs

Kainos can elevate customer experience in insurance by innovating the claims process using Azure OpenAI. We work with insurers to define customer pain points in the claims process and can provide a secure, integrated generative AI proof of value that allows claims handlers to make faster, more accurate decisions and personalise their approach to meet customers’ needs.

Our solution offers a seamless experience for claims handlers and customers alike, while considering inclusive design, ethical AI, ESG and the regulatory compliance priorities of insurers. Implementation over 8-12 weeks delivers:

  • Proof of value Azure OpenAI policy document insights physical demonstrator, within your enterprise infrastructure, with integration capability into existing claims systems.
  • Kainos will work with your organisation to enable internal teams and users through skills transfer and use dual track agile methodology to deliver value faster.
  • Proof of value can serve as the foundation of a roadmap to full production.

Benefits of implementing Azure OpenAI in the claims process:

  • Improved customer experience and retention through faster, personalised service.
  • Cost savings through efficiencies and increased customer retention.
  • Improved employee experience - focus on high value work.
  • Increased accuracy and substantiation of claim outcomes, mitigating disputes.
  • Inclusive design, ethical AI, ESG, security and compliance considered.
  • Azure OpenAI allows insurers to innovate.


  • Kainos have real-world implementation experience with Microsoft design patterns
  • Kainos are at the forefront of Azure OpenAI development
  • Kainos are OWASP LLM security thought leaders
  • Kainos are already delivering Azure OpenAI projects with global insurers

The exact duration and price of the engagement is subject to custom terms and conditions including mutual agreement of work scope.