Cloud Native - App Modernisation Implementation


Explore the techniques, technologies and approaches you can use to modernise an existing application applying the latest Cloud Native Azure technologies and then co-deliver this with our experts

Kainos has a 36+ year history helping organisations of all sizes adopt technology and drive transformation on their terms. We are Azure cloud specialists holding multiple advanced specialisations including in Kubernetes, Windows, SQL Server, Linux and Opensource technologies.

What do you get?

We will explore the techniques, technologies and approaches you can use to modernise one of your existing apps and provide:

  • Expert Advice: With 200+ certifications across 160+ cloud platform specialists, all advice is aligned with the Azure Well Architected Framework.
  • Confidence: The collaborative nature and insights gained from the workshop will help you approach any future Proof of Concept with confidence.
  • Modernisation Pathway: We co-develop an optimised roadmap and backlog for your app.
  • Proof of Concept: We don’t just provide advice, we will embed within your team to co-deliver your first modernisation sprint overcoming early challenges and together, building momentum.

How does this work?

Week 1: Discovery & Planning Process

  • Kick-off workshop to better understand your business context, challenges and start the process of helping to shortlist app candidates to modernise.
  • Collaborative design to envision your app with an Azure Cloud Native architecture.
  • Identify the key benefits, challenges, and risks for each modernisation approach to determine a preferred path forward.
  • Generate modernisation roadmaps, backlogs and provide high-level timelines/costs.

Weeks 2-3: Co-Delivery Sprint

  • Embedding our engineers within your team to co-deliver the first modernisation sprint to deliver a thin-slice of your roadmap, we'll build early momentum and help with challenges.

Why Kainos?

Whilst adoption of Kubernetes and containerisation can be key considerations in any modernisation journey, we don’t lead with technology. We start with understanding your problems and work backwards from this to suggest optimum modernisation approaches.