Accelerated Azure Modern Data Platform


Leverage the Kainos templated approach for an automated deployment of secure and integrated Azure services giving users access to data fast.

To thrive in the modern hyper-competitive marketplace, organisations should be taking steps to unlock the value from all of their existing data. Often, only 10-15% of an organisations data is leveraged, this means that – most are missing valuable optimisations and business opportunities.
With Kainos help, you will implement best of breed, secured Azure services for ingest, transformation, serving and analysis of data, following modern DevOps and automation best practices. . Our packaged accelerator transforms the pace of your journey to use Azure Machine Learning and Business Intelligence tools unlocking opportunities in your unstructured and structured data.

What you will Get

Our Accelerated Azure Modern Data Platform implementation will be tailored to your business needs, typically you get;

  • Review of your current landscape and agreement on the approach to deploy/integrate the base platform
  • Identification and scoping of a high business value use case for end to end testing, validation and data consumption
  • Identification and scoping of integration patterns for the initial data sources for ingestion and for downstream consumers
  • A base Azure data platform deployment, using cutting edge azure tools (ADF, Synapse), aligned to the Azure Architecture design patterns for secure big data
  • Your choice of dedicated or server-less deployment patterns for Synapse
  • Secure data routing through segmented networks and controlled end points
  • Automated Dev/Test and Production environments
  • Inherent data protection through access control/least privilege, encryption at rest and in-transit, and a 'separation of concerns' approach
  • Network integration, where required through peering/routing into core networks
  • Integrated data catalogue through Azure Purview
  • Infrastructure support for complex integrations through Azure functions and Integration Runtimes
  • Initial data pipeline build for one data source for connection, ingest and processing/publication of the data for analytics and reporting
  • Integration of platform and pipeline deployments with existing DevOps toolsets

The exact duration and price of the engagement is subject to custom terms and conditions including mutual agreement of work scope.