Nonprofit accelerator - Migration to Azure


Our tailored Nonprofit package has been designed to discover and migrate workloads rapidly to Azure

Few organizations have unlocked the true potential of their IT resources, adoption of the Microsoft Cloud can positively transform an organization and fuel business growth. As a trusted Microsoft partner Kainos are recognized cloud experts also providing consultancy, cloud landing zones, cloud advisory, Data & AI, Security, FinOps and development services. As a leading Microsoft partner we work in tandem with Microsoft to provide a holistic service. To guarantee your successful journey to the cloud, Kainos has developed an industry leading not for profit accelerator to provide:

  • An industry aligned and assured Landing Zone
  • Secure Cloud Foundations
  • Migration of server based workloads
  • Modernisation of workloads
  • Development of cloud operating models
  • Cost Optimisation
  • License guidance
  • Team enablement

Our tailored Nonprofit aligned package has been designed to discover and migrate workloads rapidly to Azure. Kainos are not only Microsoft experts but have a long pedigree in the creation, migration and modernisation of open source software.


A detailed inventory of Windows and SQL Server usage, licenses and identification of opportunities for migration, consolidation and modernisation.

  • Heatmap of Windows Server and SQL Server usage
  • Application map to identify key data flows within the organization.
  • Migration plan rated by support, impact, complexity and data value
  • TCO around SQL and Azure adoption
  • Optional PoC for pilot application
  • Training plans developed for your Team

Migration and Consolidation

Migration of Windows and SQL servers. Enabling you to avail of extended support, optimised costs and team enablement.


  • Secure cloud landing zone
  • Workloads migrated to Azure
  • Enriched platform managed via Azure tooling
  • Extended support activated
  • Cost saving via right sizing and hybrid use rights
  • Cost savings via server rationalisation
  • Team enabled in Azure operational management
  • Operational manuals for core Azure services


Modernisation of SQL platform to Azure SQL and Azure SQL Managed Instances.


  • SQL estate hosted on a modern cloud hosted and vendor supported environment.
  • Automated backup management
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Reassign IT staff to higher value-add activities.
  • Team enabled in Azure

The exact duration and price of the engagement is subject to custom terms and conditions including mutual agreement of work scope.